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San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD., originally called San Shing Iron Factory, was founded in 1959, mainly processing various machine parts and stamping bicycle parts. In 1971, with the capital increase and plant expansion, the company moved to present site and renamed San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. From 1979 onwards, for the training of Taiwan’s machinery industry talents and advance in technical ability to develop, we have participated in cooperative education with many domestic leading academic institutions, providing employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged students. San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. has been established for more than fifty years, selling worldwide. In addition to a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing lathe, we are equipped with innovative business ideas. Whether it is research and development, design, or manufacture, we uphold the belief to develop the most superior lathe, remaining customer demand-oriented and sticking to sustainable development.

Graphic interactive control large bore heavy duty precision lathe

SAN SHING Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. is a well reputed organization dealing with the manufacturing and supplying of Graphic interactive control large bore heavy duty precision lathe and other relative products. We have established strong customer relationships by providing innovative, user-friendly and high quality products that are manufactured in our sound infrastructure. Our mission is to find better quality aftermarket parts to compete favorable with genuine part and to provide a better service than what is presently available.
Graphic interactive control large bore heavy duty precision lathe

Graphic interactive control large bore heavy duty precision lathe

Manual, G code and Graphic Interactive control (HMI), three functions in one machine
Graphic Interactive control large bore heavy duty precision (flat bed type) lathe.

In the G code mode: can execute a complete CNC program instructions
Headstock by manual change speeds and has 12-steps change to solve CNC lathes’ incapability of heavy cutting problem
The lead screw is heat-treated and designed to adjust the screw backlash
In the human-machine interactive dialogue (HMI) control mode: input the data on the graphic can do automated machining
In the graphics of thread of HMI mode as long as input the data of thread on the graphic that can turning the thread automatically
Without taper turning attachment can do unlimited long taper turning
Without hydraulic copy equipment can do the curve machining
In the manual mode: retain the integrity of the traditional heavy duty lathe structure and function
In the manual mode can also turn thread and turning taper
With tool wear compensation
With tool nose compensation
With the backlash of screw compensation
With resonance elimination function

(The graphic interactive control (HMI) device suit for below lathe series)

Features :

Double chucks device ready (option device)
Can be used with large bore double chucks device, cutting cylindrical, bar, inner hole, tube thread and so on cutting workings, machining more quickly and easily
Gear Box
Operation box
Manual, HMI and G code, design in an operation box that is easy to operate and use
In the human-machine interactive dialogue (HMI) control mode, input the data to be processed on the graphic to do automated machining that is suitable for mass produce and simple shape machining
G code state, with a complete CNC G code, can do a complete CNC program processing, suitable for large quantities and complex shape of the machining
For the human-machine-interactive graphics control part that have special version (but that is optional) that can to write the graphics software of automated machining to match for the workpiece of customer and act in concert with customer demand

Operation box is easy to operate and use for the customer, one side for the control of human-machine-interactive (HMI) operation panel, the other side for the manual operation panel
Carriage & Apron
圖床護設有自動潤滑系統及內鎖安全裝置,防止車牙及進給同時操作,並設有快速縱橫移動裝置及正逆向自動進刀,操作輕鬆又方   便。
Cutting and Machining
These functions can be machining in the HMI (human-machine interactive dialogue) control state and depiction as following:
Turing end face , turning external diameter, turning internal diameter, turning rounded corners, turning internal rounded corners, cutting groove, turning external taper, turning internal taper, turning  external thread, turning  internal thread, turning  external taper thread,   turning  internal taper thread,   cutting concave-convex curve of radial ,  cutting concave-convex curve of axial.

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SAN SHING Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.’s products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making our High speed Precision Lathes becomes the most specified brand in the Machinery & Industrial Supplies business. We use high grade quality raw materials for processing our Graphic interactive control large bore heavy duty precision lathe. We also customize these products in various dimensions as per the client’s specified requirement and detail.