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San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD., originally called San Shing Iron Factory, was founded in 1959, mainly processing various machine parts and stamping bicycle parts. In 1971, with the capital increase and plant expansion, the company moved to present site and renamed San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. From 1979 onwards, for the training of Taiwan’s machinery industry talents and advance in technical ability to develop, we have participated in cooperative education with many domestic leading academic institutions, providing employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged students. San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. has been established for more than fifty years, selling worldwide. In addition to a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing lathe, we are equipped with innovative business ideas. Whether it is research and development, design, or manufacture, we uphold the belief to develop the most superior lathe, remaining customer demand-oriented and sticking to sustainable development.

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe - Conventional and Medium Duty, Conventional Lathes

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe (SP Series) will be an important part of our business for many years to come and owning it will be financially beneficial. SAN SHING Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd. intends to be the Heavy Duty Precision Lathe industry leader, and we realize that this goal can only be accomplished with the help of our team members.
SP Series,Heavy Duty Precision Lathe

SP Series

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe

Heavy Duty Precision Lathe manufacturers
Features :

All standard thread pitches can be obtained without changing the gears including.
Metric threads.
Inch threads.
Module pitches.
Diametral pitches.
All gears and splines are made by steel alloys with hardened and precision ground.
Dial rotary system for quick and easy speed changes.
Heavily ribbed wide bed with induction hardened and precision ground ways.
Design of the bed can quickly clean up iron filings.
One piece structure lathe bed enhances the machine life and working performance.
Large diameter spindle for heavy cutting. Big bore through spindle 105mm, 153mm(OPT.), 230mm(OPT.)
The main spindle is forging as whole-body and sustained by precision bearings.
Double spindle nose to choose.
Full range, Four-way rapid traverse drive for longitudinal-cross feeding and forward & reverse feed are operating very light and convenience.
Longer, wider slide and carriage for stronger heavy cutting.
Readily adjustable overload safety device.
Manual and automatic dual lubrication for slide surface.
Automatic stopper for longitudinal feeds.
High tensile structure, suitable for heavy workpieces.
Reduction gearing for convenience in drilling (1/4). Quill with metric and inch graduation.
Emergency brake pedal with electromagnetic brake can be used for cutting the power and stopping the machine immediately and safe fast precise operation.
Center Distance
Distance between center 300mm longer. could cut exact longer workpiece.

Specification :

Item SP
Model SP-32 SP-36 SP-40


Swing Over Bed 830mm(28") 930mm(32") 1030mm(36")
Swing Over Cross Slide 600mm(19.5") 700mm(23.5") 800mm(27.5")
Swing in Gap 1120mm(40") 1220mm(44") 1320mm(48")
Width of Gap 304mm(12'")
Distance Between Centers 1230mm 1730mm 2230mm 2730mm 3230mm 4230mm 5230mm 6230mm 7230mm 8230mm


Spindle Bore 105mm(4"),153mm(6")(OPT.) 230mm(9")(OPT.)
Spindle Nose A2-8,A2-11, D1-11 (OPT.) A2-15 (OPT.)
Taper of Center M.T.No. 5, M.T.No.6 (OPT)
Range of Spindle Speeds 15-1000,10-700RPM(OPT) 12-600RPM,8-400RPM
Number of Spindle Speeds 12 Changes


Longitudinal Feeds 0.05-0.7mm/rev
Cross Feeds 0.025-0.35mm/rev
Rapid Traver Z/X Axis Z Axis=3.7M/min, Y Axis=1.8M/min
Inch Threads 2-28Thread/in, (D.P. 4-56)
Metric Threads 0.8-14mm/THread, (M.P. 0.5-7)
Leadscrew 45mm(1 3/4")x2T.P.I. or P12mm(OPT)


Cross slide Travel 475mm(18.5") 525mm(20.5")
Compound Rest Travel 230mm(9")


Quill Diameter Ø105mm
Quill Travel 260mm (10")
Taper of Quill Center M.T. No.6


Width of Bed 510mm (20")
Main Motor 15HP, 20HP, 25HP (OPT.)
Packing Size (cm)


Weight (Approx)
Back Plate x 1pc
Center Sleeve x 1pc
Center(M.T.5#) x 2pcs
Tool Post Wrench x 1pc
Tool Box & Tool x 1pc
4-Jaw Independent Chuck 20" x 1pc
Steady Rest x 1pc
4-Way Rapid Traverse Device x 1set
Electromagnetic brake x 1pc
Option Accessories
3-Jaw Scroll Chuck 16" x 1pc
Face Plate 32" x 1pc
Coolant Pump x 1set
Taper Attachment x 1set
Follow Rest x 1pc

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