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San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD., originally called San Shing Iron Factory, was founded in 1959, mainly processing various machine parts and stamping bicycle parts. In 1971, with the capital increase and plant expansion, the company moved to present site and renamed San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. From 1979 onwards, for the training of Taiwan’s machinery industry talents and advance in technical ability to develop, we have participated in cooperative education with many domestic leading academic institutions, providing employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged students. San Shing Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. has been established for more than fifty years, selling worldwide. In addition to a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing lathe, we are equipped with innovative business ideas. Whether it is research and development, design, or manufacture, we uphold the belief to develop the most superior lathe, remaining customer demand-oriented and sticking to sustainable development.

Heavy Duty and High-speed Precision Lathe manufacturer, precision high speed lathe

Our company is a leading firm in Taiwan which actively engaged in manufacturing High Speed Precision Lathe. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge in the field and hence direct all their untiring efforts to produce a quality approved range of products.
MH Series,High Speed Precision Lathe

MH Series

High Speed Precision Lathe

Features :

Hardened ground bedways are made of high tensile cast iron.
The main spindle is supported by high precision bearings can be used for precise and heavy cutting.
All gears are made of Cr-Mo steel. They have been manufactured with carbonization hardness, precisely ground by precision gear grinding machine.
Head stock have 12 steps speed and designed for quick and easy speed changes.
All standard thread pitches can be obtained without changing the gears including MM. & INCH. threads
An inner lock device is also equipped on this High Speed Precision Lathe to provide the thread cutting and autofeding operation at the same time.
Longitudinal and cross feed possess safety device. If the carriage meets any obsruction on the bed, the overload safety device will release and prevent feed for avoiding damage.
Electrical equipment with magnetic contactor and overload safety devices to avoid any destroy or accident on machine.
The emergency brake pedal can be used for cutting the power and stopping the machine immediately and safe fast precise operation.
The strong and rigid tailstock is easy to move and ensures maximum cutting accuracy for long distance support.

Specification :


430 470
Swing Over Bed 430mm 470mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 240mm 280mm
Swing Over Gap 760mm 690mm
Distance Between Centers 760mm 1000mm 1500mm 1000mm 1500mm


Spindle Bore 58mm x 78mm (OPT)
Type of Spindle Nose A1-6 * A1-8 (OPT)
Taper of Center MT No.4
Number of Spindle Speeds 12 Changes
Range of Spindle Speeds 20-2000RPM * 40-2000R (OPT)


Lead Screw 35mm x 4 T.P.I. or P 6mm (OPT)
Range of Inch Threads 4-56 TPI
Range of Metric Threads 0.5-7mm
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.05-0.8mm
Range of Cross Feeds 0.02-0.36mm


Cross slide Travel 250mm
Compound Rest Travel 125mm


Tail Stock Diameter of Spindle 58mm 68mm
Tail Stock Spindle Travel 150mm
Tail Stock Taper of Center MT No. #4
Width of Bed 300mm
Motor 5HP * 7 1/2HP (OPT)
Weight(Approx)kg 1700~2150
Packing Size(LxWxH)cm L:198~279
Back Plate x 1pc
Center MT #4 x 2pc
Center Sleeve x 1pc
Tool Post Wrench x 1pc
Tool Box x 1set
Option Accessories
3-Jaw Scrool Chuck Ø9" x 1pc
4-Jaw Independent Chuck Ø10" or Ø12" x 1pc
Follow Rest x 1pc
Coolant Pump x 1 set
Taper Attachment x 1set
Steady Rest x 1pc
Rear Cutter Rest x 1pc

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